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How To Handle A Seller Who Does Not Complete Repairs

neighbor peering over fence

Buyer requests repairs. Seller doesn’t do all the repairs. Closing is in a few days. What to do? I recently reviewed a file that had just this situation. The buyer’s agent created a second repair addendum reiterating the repairs still to be done. Not the right thing at all. Addenda are intended to modify the terms of a contract. In …

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Can You Withdraw A Counteroffer?

cartoon figures fighting over real estate

This week, a buyer’s broker emailed me about her buyer’s counteroffer. Buyer offered, seller countered, buyer wanted to accept all of the terms of the counteroffer with a minor addition. Buyer counters the seller’s counteroffer. I am sure you can see this one coming. The seller gets a better offer. The buyer’s agent asked me if the buyer could withdraw …

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